Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seward's Folly Defined for Doug

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OK, ready for your close-up? Why don't you define Seward's Folly. I'm completely fascinated with your sites, by the way.

From: DoreneMLorenz
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Seward's Folly - not getting a 25% handling fee when brokering a shady real estate transaction.

Just prior to the war, the United States agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia for $1.4 million. Secretary William Henry Seward needed to prevent England from breaking the blockade and declaring her sympathy for the Southern Confederacy. Seward dropped $5.8 million arranging for the Russian fleet to come to New York and San Francisco, a little muscle flexing that worked.

The costs were rolled together, and a check for $7,200,000 was made out to Russia for "the Alaska purchase." Nobody was the wiser. Only difference between Tony Soprano and William H. Seward is that Soprano doesn't forget to make worth his while.

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alapak said...

He purchased the 2 Russian American posts , the name was changed to Alaska Commercial Company, many know the truth, education and media telling lies